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Insulation Mattresses for Turbines

They can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C, they can be reused and they assure clean and precise assembly. These mattresses are manufactured based on a technical drawing. They are used to insulate gas and steam turbines and the insulation can of a single or multilayer type.

Our mattresses have sharp edges and consist on the top and bottom textile coupled with a proper textile stitch depending on insulation thickness. The filling type depends on the temperature range (mineral wool, glass fibre, etc.). Mattresses are quilted in a manner that makes it impossible for the filling to move. Glass thread with VA cord just VA cord is used for quilting the mattress. Mattresses are euipped with assembly hook that are linked by binding wire while insulating the given object. All types of Velcro and bands are also used for linking purposes.

Insulation mattresses for gas and steam turbines

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