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Production of thermal insulation mats and mattresses for turbines, engines and fittings

Innovation technologies on production of thermoinsulating mats and mattresses:

Renewable technology Renewable technology, dry and ecologically clean insulating of energetic turbines and pipeline method, based on production of thermoinsulating, multi-use mattresses. Mats can be easily mounted and unmounted. They don't need ranging construction, covering by a cement, drying and painting metal covers.

Production therminsulating mats Production contains therminsulating mats used as a thermal insulation for engines, machines, devices, industry installations and turbines, fittings, etc. Our products are used there where the contact with high temperature is, limiting flow and losing heat.

Technical and construction data Shape, dimension, thickness, assembly each cover and mattress are chosen by the technical and construction data delivered by a customer.

Service of insulation assembly Full service of the insulation assembly, from the measurement, by the insulation manufacture to the steel subconstruction with transport and assembly.

Warranty Warranty of good price, perfect quality and short realization and transport time.

Isolation Fittings - Austria

Isolation Fittings Isolation Fittings

Replacing insulation Perkins engine

Replacing insulation engine Perkins insulation of engine

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